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The Best Laid Plans

May 22, 2018 | Randomness

I had meant to write weekly, and I had meant to get started on that before heading to Greece. Then everything went to hell.


A quick rundown of the last three months:

  • Talk starts (over beer) that “maybe we don’t need to stay here until Ethan finishes high school…”
  • If we didn’t stay, where would we go? How about back to Eugene? We love Eugene!
  • “Hey Ethan, want to move to Eugene?”
  • Well shit, we should sell the house in Seattle now…
  • (30 seconds later) Ok, that was easy!
  • Hmmm, would really like a fully remote job if we’re moving…
  • And we should buy a fixer-upper, because sweat equity!
  • (2 minutes later) Wow…this is a great job…That wasn’t so bad!
  • (3 minutes later) That’s the ugliest house I’ve ever seen, let’s buy it!
  • Greece. Greece was awesome.
  • Close on sale, close on purchase, stress about new job, remember that we sold everything we owned to move to Caracas…

That’s where we’re at. We own a hideous house and we’re moving back to the west coast 2 years ahead of schedule. Massive renovations, learning how to be a Project Manager at an agency that seems too good for me, and losing my Chicago winter weight are all in the immediate and somewhat stressful future. And writing…of course, writing.


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